fuck your fortune cookies

welcome to fuck your fortune cookies, or fyfc for short. sit down, take a menu and feast your eyes.

sick of seeing fortune cookies, noodles, more noodles, rice, and really tame sushi all over your dash? are you thinking, "this isn't the asian food I know"? then this is the perfect place for you.

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in honour of co-mod @bananaleaves, what co-mod @eyre had for lunch today

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tong ho // garland chrysanthemum

Never underestimate the prevalence of fungus in food.

White fungus tong sui


Ma Po Dou Fu / Spicy Tofu

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Peking duck

Chicken feet


東坡肉 Dong Po Rou, or braised pork belly

Popular dish from Hangzhou. 4 words: Melt in your mouth. 

egg tarts

roasted pig